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Privacy Policy

Information Gathering

  1. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) gathers information from users in a variety of methods, such as when the user:
    • Makes a donation
    • Signs up for a campaign
    • Signs up to stay updated
  2. When sending a donation to MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR), well-wishers must provide certain personal information to assist us ensure authentic contributions:
    • Your name
    • Your email and mailing address
    • Your telephone number
    • Your payment processing details
    • Any other data as required
  3. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) does not collect or record personal information about users unless they want to share it.

Personal Information Use

  1. The general surfing of the MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website is anonymous, and it does not record the user’s personal information other than the time, date, and location of visits, as well as the name of the internet service provider. This information is solely used for statistics and diagnostics.
  2. By joining up for different MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) services, the user expressly authorises us to gather information depending on the user’s usage. The information is used to improve the user’s experience and is used in accordance with the user’s instructions.
  3. MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR maintains user information totally secret and secure. All relevant information obtained via the MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website is managed and used solely by internal and/or authorised employees. It is never shared with any other agency or third-party people.
  4. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) utilises the information provided to it in the following ways:
    • to keep an accurate record of all donations received
    • To keep users informed of its activities and progress via bulletins and newsletters, with the opportunity to opt out.
    • Ensuring that the user receives the most suitable and relevant information
    • To learn more about the individuals who visit the MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR website, donate, or participate in its initiatives
  5. MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR does not typically save user data. In the event of special sign-ups, the data is saved in accordance with the user’s request. The user can request that all of the information he or she has supplied be deleted by sending a mail request. Without exception, all information will be removed within two working days.

E-mail list privacy

Individuals who join the MIMA’s (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) mailing lists through its website or advocacy activities are added to the organization’s email database. The addresses on our lists are not sold, rented, lent, traded, or leased to anybody.

Cookie Policy

  1. Cookies are little electronic data files that the MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) sends to users’ browsers when they visit the website. These will be inserted onto the computer’s hard drive and allow the user to identify when they return to the website.
  2. The user can modify the settings on his or her browser to direct how it reacts to cookies. You could wish to allow all cookies, refuse all cookies, or be warned whenever a cookie is transmitted, for instance. Users can adjust cookie activity according to their preferences by checking the settings on their browsers.
  3. Users may be unable to use the website as intended if they disable cookies in their web browsers, erase or reject some cookies from the MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website or connected sites, or both.

Gateway for Making Payments

  1. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) employs well-known and tested technology for payments. The maximum level of security supported by the donor’s browser is used to convey payment information through an SSL connection.
  2. The information is protected by many layers of built-in security, including a sophisticated firewall system, encryption of credit card details, and usage of passwords.

External Web Services

  1. The MIMA’s (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website makes use of a variety of external online services to show material on its web pages. As an illustration, it leverages YouTube to display video. Similar to the social networking buttons, MIMA is powerless to stop these websites or other external domains from gathering data about how their visitors utilise the content that is integrated into their website.
  2. The MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website provides its users with links to other websites. For such other websites, this privacy statement does not apply.
  3. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) is not expressly or implicitly accountable for, or responsible for, any loss or harm caused to a user by the collection, use, and retention of Personal Information by such website in any way. Before providing any information to a website, visitors should be sure to read the privacy rules of each website they visit.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  1. MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) may adjust its privacy policy as necessary to reflect emerging technologies and trends. It will promptly inform you of these changes. If consumers have any questions regarding adjustments made to its procedures, they can contact the MIMA.
  2. Please contact us at info@mima.org.in if you have any issues concerning the privacy policy of MIMA.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Welcome to the MIMA (MERA INDIA MERA ADHIKAR) website. We make the following information about our refund and cancellation policies for donations made to a social cause public:

  • Donors who make online donations using an online payment gateway are not eligible for a refund or cancellation of their gift amount.
  • There will be no provision for cash or refunds.
  • The gift for a cause won’t be repaid to the donor after it has been received, regardless of where the donor receives any in-kind assistance from; the material will go to the poorest of the impoverished communities.
  • There will be no cancellations. The money will be put to good use in the community, helping to educate kids and empower them to break the cycle of poverty.