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Fullfil your CSR gooal with us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt A Project

Elevate your corporate social responsibility with MIMA NGO. Choose to adopt
a transformative project for underprivileged slum children – Project Navodaya,
Project Enlightenment, Project Artshala, and more. Your support can change
lives and shape brighter futures. Partner with us in making education
accessible to those who need it most

Corporate Donations
Your company can make a significant impact by contributing a lump sum
donation to MIMA NGO, dedicated to educating underprivileged children in
slums and implementing various projects for their betterment. With MIMA
addressing a wide range of issues, your donation will directly support programs
aligned with your chosen cause, helping uplift these deserving children.

Brand Building

Event Sponsorships & Participation
Partner with MIMA by sponsoring our diverse events like Indoor games, Your
90 seconds, Awareness drives, cultural programs, drawing competitions, and
soccer tournaments held throughout the year. Your sponsorship not only
supports underprivileged children’s education but also provides valuable brand
visibility. Alternatively, pledge a fixed amount to involve a designated number
of your employees as participants, fostering team engagement while
contributing to a worthy cause.

Donation Boxes
Enable MIMA’s co-branded physical/digital donation boxes at your office or
retail outlets. Empower employees/customers to support underprivileged
children’s education, showcasing your commitment to the cause. Make a
meaningful impact through seamless contributions, strengthening your
association with this noble initiative.

Employee Engagement

Corporate Volunteering
Corporate volunteering is a worthwhile strategy to include in your employee
engagement program. Your team members have the choice to take an active
role in our initiatives, lending their knowledge through tasks like instructing,
skill development, aiding with documentation, delivering technological
training, and participating in fundraising initiatives. The cumulative effect of
these seemingly insignificant acts of service may have a big impact, helping the
causes we support while also fostering a feeling of purpose and camaraderie
among your staff, ultimately enhancing your company's social responsibility
and employee satisfaction.

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