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MIMA is involved in numerous projects.

PROJECT Enlightenment
Project ENLIGHTENMENT was started to provide quality education to poor and needy people and a trail for their life betterment.

This year, we worked with some NGO that also resulted in the growth of this project as well. We were able to deliver scholarships to Most Improved Child on the basis of their overall growth. Those who weren’t able to get those scholarships because of limited numbers got some stationery materials from us in return for their hard work.It was always difficult for students to understand as well as for volunteers to teach some learning thing which can only be more reliable to understand if they can visualize it. So we made it true with the help of the Projector and technology. Students enjoyed it too because they can now easily remember things which are shown rather than just listening about it.

Now, we are looking forward to delivering teaching with the help of technology as much as it can be possible.

PROJECT DURI-Digitalise Un-Reached India
Project DURI provides underprivileged children the provision of basic computer education

Project DURI (Digitalize Un-Reached India) is one of Mera India Mera Adhikar’s pivotal projects, which has grown and blossomed due to the support of Dr Shahana Mazmudar.

The main aim of DURI is to reach every underprivileged child in India for the provision of primary computer education to enable them to build their digital skills, which play a key role in today’s modern world.

DURI is operational at the Kanak Durga camp in Sector 12, RK Puram, for children from classes 5th to 12th. To date, 45 children have taken courses during the regular batch, totalling ten classes on alternative days.

This project is currently being run in a pilot phase to ensure effective results for every child by maintaining observation over each child’s progress. Now, we would be moving to the second phase, where we would like to increase the impact and the number of children who can benefit from primary computer education.

project Shashakt
The project SHASHAKT is a startup project to reach for the places and youth, who are in  need.

 This year, one more place was introduced and classes were held for the youth of that locality ( Sec- 9 , R K Puram ).  The children of that locality  were motivated towards quality education with the help of our volunteers.we came across many volunteers  who joined us during this period. They invested their time and help in building up this project successfully for the same. We also go through many activities that encourage the value and need of education between the children and their parents residing there.

  • 10+ new volunteer                                                                                        
  • 30+ activities organised
  • Cloth donation drive held 
  • Distribution of stationary
project Artshala
Project ARTSHALA is based on learning in a fun way.

 This year, we come up with new ideas and activities for children that are way too fun to learn and teach. They remember every little thing that was taught through fun. Every activity delivered in this project had some learning objective to develop and widen their knowledge.

We also got some new ideas and participation from our newly joined volunteer, which ultimately developed some activities’ quality. We also held some sessions to go through the biography of some great people and their struggles in their lives. That ultimately develops their minds to get ready for such a situation and never give up.

Some of the activities are as follow:

  • Spellathon
  • Logothon
  • Movies on projector 
  • Debates 
  • Motivational short video
  • Biography of great personality
PROJECT Navodaya
Project NAVODAYA is one of the projects started to bring children towards education by using football as a tool.

Similar to last year, many more children get introduced to this project with more excitement and energy fulfilled with them The project brings equal opportunity and exposure to boys as well as girls. It was also a big challenge for our volunteer to convince the parents of the girl child to allow them to play and send them to the tournament as well. All sessions were held on Sunday to avoid any disturbance to their study. We also came across to get help from the BALL TO ALL organisation which sponsored 30 football for this project. 

We also participate in many tournaments, which allow our children to come up, play, and compete with many high skills football academies. This gives a great exposure to them and develops their skill. Our girl team also gets a chance to participate in a football session at Bangalore held by GOALS FOR GIRL, where they get exposure to coaches from different countries. That was an excellent experience for us to stand at such a level. We look forward to providing more opportunities to them as we can.

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