Mera India Mera Adhikar - A new Era of Enlightenment

Be a hero for a child in need.

MIMA NGO is a youth-led organization born from the struggles of individuals who rose from the slums, facing numerous challenges in their educational journey. Determined to ensure other slum children don’t endure similar hardships, they committed themselves to educational empowerment. Recognizing education as a potent tool to shatter the chains of poverty, MIMA NGO is fuelled by passionate and dedicated individuals at every level. From our grassroots workers to our supporters and on-ground volunteers, our strength lies in our committed team. Serving as catalysts for change, we harness the power of education, sports, and various programs to make a lasting impact. Over the years, MIMA NGO has garnered immense trust, love, and support, impacting hundreds of children annually through high-impact programs. We take pride in engaging our supporters as active partners, ensuring their resources translate into tangible good and lasting change.